Fort Lauderdale airport shooting footage shows gunman open(video)

- 1/08/2017
It was a dark day in a Florida airport as a shooter caused horrific carnage in the baggage claim, taking innocent lives with random bursts of gunfire from a weapon pulled from his waistband.
Fort Lauderdale shooting gunman Esteban Santiago-Ruiz
Shooter Esteban Santiago Ruiz
Shocking Fort Lauderdale airport shooting footage obtained by TMZ shows cold blooded gunman casually strolling through the airport before opening fire without warning.

Suddenly opened fire. This shocking clip shows the killer walking alongside passengers in a blue T-shirt and pulling out a handgun to shoot indiscriminantly at fellow travellers 

In panic people ducked and ran for cover as the killer continued his attack.
At the end of the Florida airport shooting attack, he had killed five people and wounded half a dozen other travellers.
He has now been charged and could face the death penalty if he is convicted.

Gunman Esteban Santiago-Ruiz and he reportedly told investigators that he planned the gun attack and bought a one-way ticket.

Authorities are still baffled by the seemingly unprovoked attack.There is no indication as to why the gunman specifically chose this location and they have said that they have not ruled out terrorism.

Trained soldier. Santiago-Ruiz has been charged with an act of violence at an international airport resulting in death, which carries a maximum punishment of execution, as well as weapons charges.

Altercation on the flight might be a motive. The suspected gunman is believed to have argued with a fellow passenger during his journey from Alaska to Florida.
The 26-year-old Iraq veteran flew from Anchorage to Fort Lauderdale with a stopover in Minnesota.

He argued with another traveller leading investigators to believe it might have been a crime of revenge.

Somewhere along the way, he had gotten into a row with another traveller, officials told CBS Miami.

He had planned his attack calmly and carefully. Santiago-Ruiz had just one piece of checked luggage - a gun - which he then allegedly used to kill.

He claimed his baggage took the gun and went into the bathroom to load the weapon before emerging to shoot people in baggage claim."

A troubled military history.The ex-soldier served in Iraq with the National Guard for 10 months but was demoted and discharged last year having gone AWOL several times.,

He has also been pictured giving the ISIS one fingered salute. 


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