Meet 9 year old girl boxer who is dazzling the world right now

- 1/16/2017

Jaw dropping Young girl is Boxing sensation 

She's tough, she's fast, she's strong—and she's nine. 
Meet amazing 9 year old girl Boxer who's skills are putting even skilled adult boxers to shame. 
9 year old Russian girl boxer

Fact is, this nine-year-old child boxing prodigy just may be the toughest girl in the world. And she sure knows it too. 

Evnika Saadvakass has appeared in several mind blowing videos showcasing her remarkable Boxing skills. Some videos show her unleashing a flurry of punches against a tree in a forest.

Raising a boxing champion. Evnika, who is trained by her dad and can throw hundreds of punches in a minute, has become an Instagram sensation after showing off her skills in a series of astonishing clips.

The child doesn't hold back or flinch as her knucles bounce off the tree in footage that will make viewers cringe.

Already a six year veteran. Evnika is trained by her dad, Rustram, 38, and has been learning how to box since the age of three, along with her four siblings in Voronezh, Russia. That must be one tough family! 

A family affair.The Kazakh family train five days a week - usually twice a day - often in woods outside their home.

Her father believes it teaches deeper values than just fighting. Rustram believes the discipline teaches courage and perseverance.

Evnika's talent was apparent from the age of four and within just a few years was able to throw nearly 50 punches in just 30 seconds with one hand.
 Evnika Saadvakass 9 year old Russian girl boxer
She already deeply enjoys what she does (an important factor in talent driven Careers) The young girl said she loves the sound of her punches and the lightning speed at which she throws them. Well we love them too—on the trees I mean, not on us! 

Rising star with explosive talent. She has a legion of fans and her Instagram account now has more than 55,000 followers.

And just incase you didn't know it, Evnika can throw  221 punches in just 30 seconds. I think that is just awesome—for any age. 

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