New natural Facelift cream is Celebrities alternative to Botox

- 1/05/2017
Imagine having wine in your tummy. For some people that is pure bliss. But what about having it on your face? 
In a smart new marketing campaign Ingredients taken from Swiss ice wine created
The new natural facelift cream made from Swiss ice wine
from frozen grapes are being promoted as a natural alternative to botox.
The new 'face lift freeze cream' is said to smooth out wrinkles without resorting to injections or surgery.

Just ask the celebrities who use it. As a natural facelift cream it works magic. 

It works in a very different way from botox. Rather than turning back the clock and rejuvenating cells, the cream is more of an invisible mask, pulling the skin tight.

The effect is quite beautiful. Bottomline—it works very well to give you the desired youthful appearance—without the feared side effects.

The cream relies on an active ingredient called Vin-upLift, which is derived from premium Swiss Ice Wine produced from naturally frozen ripe grapes.

A delicate process of extraction. The grapes are harvested from Swiss vineyards, picked by hand after the first snows of winter which leave the grapes frozen on the vine.

The ideal facelift ingredients.The grapes are fermented and the resulting wine is rich in sugars and polysaccharides, which are said to have an instant lifting and long-lasting moisturising effect on the skin.
Homemade natural botox alternative
celebrities who use botox
Since more and more people are experiencing sagging skin and wrinkles lifting creams are becoming popular because the effect lasts for a matter of hours, unlike Botox which can create an odd mask-like appearance and unnatural expressions.(as we have seen on many a celebrity.

Some notable Celebrities who are reported to have moved away from injectable enhancement include the ageless Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, preferring a more expressive look.

More inclination to natural skin tightening remedies. The Superdrug head of own brand, David Cooke, said: 'As the long term effects of Botox and other injectables are still uncertain we're seeing more women than ever looking for products which give a freezing effect, giving an instantly youthful look, without any worry.

Can I buy you a drink? How about wine...for your face I mean?


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