Plastic surgery fails as woman's face melts after fillers

- 1/21/2017
For many people, plastic surgery is a lifesaver—a super cool fix for their looks and self esteem. But for others,  it's the direct opposite —a nightmare. 
Plastic surgery fails
In a world increasingly obsessed with cosmetic surgical procedures, plastic surgery fails have become the lurking danger behind the euphoria of positive results.

As in the unfortunate case of this woman who's desire to turn back the hands of time backfired horrifically.

This  woman's face melted and she was left ‘grossly disfigured’ after botched dermal fillers left her blind in one eye and made her forehead collapse!

A simple procedure? Carol Bryan, 54, decided to have fillers in 2009 in a bid to slow down her aging process.
However weeks after, it became apparent that the mixture had been injected into the wrong part of her face, and her forehead began to swell in an alarming way. 

It eventually became so swollen, Carol was forced to tape her eyes open so she could see.

Here's what she said about her terrifying ordeal. ‘I started doing Botox in my 30s for the vertical lines between my eyes. It was amazing. It took years off my face.

‘There came a point in time where I felt I was losing some volume. I went for a consultation. I was persuaded to have fillers.

‘I felt like a monster. I wore hats and scarves and sunglasses all the time, hoping I would someday finally be able to look in the mirror again and recognise myself.’

She refused to leave her home without covering her face for six years – and revealed that she had even considered suicide.

Some respite finally. Eventually, she was able to have corrective and reconstructive surgery, however was warned she would never look the same.

She is now campaigning to warn others of ‘seemingly harmless’ procedures.

Of course every year so many fall prey to botched plastic surgery that leads to disfigurement and even death.

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