Rapper Azealia Banks attacks Brazilians on Twitter for being poor

- 1/03/2017
The public is still reeling from her unprovoked  Russell Crowe hotel room attack. The fact that she bit a female nightclub bouncer on the breast some months ago did not endear her to anybody either. 
Azealia Banks Twitter attacks
There are two main questions usually asked about the controversy loving rapper—who is she? and is she crazy?  

The answers to both questions are getting more and more elusive everyday. Especially after rapper Azealia attacked Brazilians for having little food because they're so poor. 

Nice girl right? Wrong! Just recently she posted a photo of a blood streaked room on social media where she claimed to practice witchcraft.

Now this Unprovoked attack on Brazilians. The New York-born rapper — who has no apparent motive for attacking the Portugese-speaking country — first upset Brazil natives by suggesting they have so little food to eat that they’re always begging. I wonder how anyone can be so insensitive and small minded.

Posting on Facebook, the publicity hungry 25-year-old wrote: ‘Does Portuguese use the upside down question mark like Spanish ¿I can haz Farofa? or I can haz farofa? Which one?’

In English ‘farofa’ means ‘crumbs’, which suggests Azealia is mocking how little food Brazilians have to eat.

After the post,  She responded to critics as unremorseful as ever. After an immediate backlash, Azealia posted again, writing: ‘Very pleased with myself.’

She continued: ‘I’m the queen of the Internet. This stuff is all so effortless. Sheesh. How I manage to make international news from the comfort of my toilet seat is honestly beyond me .
‘I’m not even doing anything … like at all.

Most people were really upset by Bank's sinister games and their fury was expressed in harsh remarks and comments.

But the infamous Azealia Banks would not even budge. 

From Twitter attacks on Zayn Malik to Sia, to Crowe and now Brazilians—and many more inbetween, She apparently uses her dwindling public figure status to attack and humiliate diverse groups of the public. And she does this with a sick feeling of something achieved—everytime she strikes. 


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