School girl beaten to death by her teacher and students because she couldn't read

- 1/31/2017
A tragedy that boggles the mind. An incident of the most bizarre circumstances occurred recently when a schoolgirl was beaten to death in Kenya by her teacher and classmates because she couldn't read!
School girl beaten to death in Kenya
In a cruel and unusual act that ultimately led to her death, the male teacher allegedly ordered his class to hit the 10-year-old girl repeatedly after she failed to read during a lesson. This was done as a form of punishment for being dull. 

The said teacher has gone into hiding after the incident at Mukandamia Primary School in Solio, Laikipia county, Nairobi Kenya. And authorities are still searching for him. 

Out of fear,disgust and retaliation, Parents have also withdrawn their children from the school reports Nairobi News.

One of the parents claimed the teacher began hitting the girl on the back before she died.

Mary Wanjiku said: "The teacher ordered her deskmates to teach her how to read and beat her if she could not.

"He started hitting the girl on the back."

After the assault, the little girl reportedly told the headmaster she was unwell and went home, where she lived with her 86-year-old grandma.

After a while, she complained of pain in her abdomen before she was taken to hospital where she began throwing up blood and later died.

The incident was reported to police but no arrests have been made.

Investigation is ongoing and a post-mortem is being carried out to determine the exact cause of her death.

It appears the case is not being taken as seriously as it should. Sub-County Director of Education, Mr Kamemba Kamande said no teachers have so far been punished for the incident.

He added that investigations were still underway to get all the facts before arrests will be made—if they can find the perpetrator.

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