Top 10 Highest paid athletes ever in the world of sports(photos)

- 1/20/2017

10 highest paid Sportsmen in history

These athletes are great, and Before we go on—the kind of money making totals you are about to see, will almost certainly make your head spin. From high flyers to shot takers to power punchers and other dazzling skills in between, great sportsmen and women have left their mark on our lives in ways that make it impossible to forget them—ever. 
Who are the world's highest paid athletes ever?  I'll show you the top ten highest earning sports stars to ever grace this world.

These remarkable ndividuals did more than just dazzle us with their mind blowing talent,  they also showed us how a man can raise his net worth to incredible heights simply by doing what he loves and being the very best at it.   

The combined earnings of the following top 10 athletes on this list is staggering. The sum in billions of dollars can even put the net worth of some countries to shame. 

Let's meet them shall we. Here they are- the the highest paid athletes of all time. 

Shaquille O'neal basketball net worth
10. Shaquille O'neal--$700 million 
The Larger than life basketball legend with amazing power. 

David Beckham highest paid athletes
9. David Beckham--$730 million 
The most talented sex symbol in the world of sports and an exceptional footballer. Although he was never crowned the world's best footballer, Beckham won the hearts of millions across the globe 

8. Phil Mickelson--$760 million
The legendary golfer with a consistent winning streak that saw him dominate the game for decades. And he earned a ton of cash in the process.

Floyd Mayweather highest paid athletes
7. Floyd Mayweather Jr---$760 million
The undisputed and undefeated Boxing champion. Nicknamed 'Money', the semi retired boxer has earned more money than any other fighter in history. 

Kobe Bryant richest
6. Kobe Bryant---$770 million
The basketballer who kept alive the Jordan Era fire. And often considered the greatest ball player—after Michael Jordan.

Michael Schumacher Formula One richest
5. Michael Schumacher---$1 billion
The greatest Formular One champion in history. 7 Grand Prix titles and a host of other driving accolades puts the iconic driver in a league of his own.

4.Jack Nicklaus--$1.15 billion 
The certified golfing great. 

3. Arnold Palmer--$1.35 billion
The godfather of golf. Even after his death,  the golfing legend still makes the list of top five dead celebrities.

Tiger Woods richest athletes
2. Tiger Woods--$1.65 billion 
One of the greatest revelations in all of sports—also the first athlete in history to earn a billion dollars. Although his current Networth has somewhat dropped, due to tough life and career incidents, Tiger Woods is still a financial force in the sporting world. 

Michael Jordan highest paid
1. Michael Jordan--$1.7 billion 
Probably the greatest basketball player ever and one of the most recognized faces in Sports. Multi MVP winner and multi NBA title winner, the man is an undisputed legend of the game and sports in general. 

All that talent, all that greatness—and all that money can make you dizzy. 

These are the top 10 highest paid athletes of all time. And the millions keep rolling in. Even though some of these Icons are retired or semi -retired,  there legendary status remains forever,  and the money earning records they set,  seems so formidable, they might just stand the test of time. 

Do you Nelstormers feel I left somebody oit if this mind boggling list?  Let me know the athlete or athletes You have in mind in the comments section.


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