10 celebrities with the best butts in world(photos)

- 2/18/2017
Can you tell which celeb has the best booty? I'm sure we all have our favourites, but while you are playing the 'guess the celeb butt' game, don't  get too carried away. Focus—or maybe too much Focus is the problem! Anyway try not to sweat because these are the female celebrities with the best butts in the world. Their individual butts are an eyefull, but collectively they are simply mind blowing, pulse raising works of art. 

Check out photos of the most distracting body parts on these carefully selected top 10 celebs with hottest butts on earth. It's booty heaven for sure! 
This incredible mix of stars bring interesting colour, shape and curves into our collective consciousness.

And remember— the biggest butt isn't necessarily the best. Beautiful butts come in exquisite smooth curves and perfect shapes that cause you to look, look—and look again.

Let's sit back and have a look and the sexiest bootys in the celebrity and entertainment world right now. 

10. Pink.
Singer pink best celebrity butts
Our favourite Pop star and hot booty singer Pink starts at number 10.

9. Serena Williams 
Serena Williams butt
The World number one female tennis player Serena Williams has curves that have sparked ceaseless comments on and off the court. 

8. Pippa Middleton 
Pippa Middleton hot Celebrity bodies
Pippa the younger sister of Kate the Duchess of Cambridge packs an interesting set of these beauties. Royalty seems to be getting sexier and less stuffy these days. 

7. Ronda Rousey 
Ronda Rousey hot Celebrity butt
Forget her dominance as a sports fighter. Forget her last two shocking defeats. Remember instead that former UFC champion Ronda Rousey sports an amazing bum.

6. Rihanna
Rihanna celebrities with best booty
Rihanna once said during an interview that she loves her curves. So do we. And that's why she has the 6th best booty on this list. 

5. Candice swanepoel 
Candice swanepoel celebrities with the best butts
The sexiest Victoria's Secret model Candice has an incredibly beautiful body and an outrageously beautiful butt. 

4. Elsa Hosk 
Elsa Hosk Hot booty
Hot Swedish model Hosk has and endless body and a backside that commands attention.

3. Beyonce 
Beyonce Celebrities with hottest booty
The Lemonade singer is the one who invented the word booty. And she has one of the best we have ever seen,  and she knows it too. 

2.  Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez sexy Celebrity butts
Ageless and dazzling Latino bomb shell JLo has stunned us with her curvaceous butt for years now. She comes in at a well deserved 2nd on this list of celebrities with the best butts.

Kim Kardashian hottest Celebrity booty
The Queen of the butt selfie. Kim K has the  number one hottest bum in the world. 

This list is sizzling and as the booty trend continues to sky rocket in the celebrity world,  we will update you on the hot new additions to this elite list. 

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