10 top selling music artistes in history

- 2/24/2017
Who rules the music world? When it comes to record sales these 10 music acts are the best of the best.  It's a tough list to be on and although some of the elite singers on this list have passed on, their album sales record continue to dominate in a way that makes it really hard for newer singers to overcome. 

You might be quite familiar with some of the artistes and bands on this list , while others might surprise you
 But one thing is abundantly clear—they are the top selling music artistes in the history of man. 

10. Celine Dion.
Celine Dion top selling artiste
Records sold—124 million albums. The Canadian crooner can charm leopards out of their spots with her irresistible voice. 

9. Eagles. 
The eagles top selling music artistes
Record sales—129 million albums sold. They are the most successful US rock band ever. 

8. Mariah Carey—134.7 million units sold.
Mariah Carey top selling music artistes
 Her voice has captivated millions for years now. And her hypnotic sound has won her so many fans and millions in record sales. 

7. Led Zeppelin—139.3 million units sold.
Led Zeppelin top selling rock artistes
The highest selling rock band in history. 

6. Garth Brooks—156 million records sold. 
Garth Brooks top selling country music artistes
This is the super talented singer who took country music to heights never before seen. 

5. Elton John—167.4 million records sold.
Sir Elton John top selling music artistes
The most successful British solo artiste ever. 

4. Madonna.
Madonna top selling music artistes
 Record sales—170 million albums. One of the most resilient and consistent musical acts ever. And the most successful female artiste in history.

3. Micheal Jackson.
Michael Jackson top selling music artistes
Record sales—183.5 million albums sold. The late King of Pop Michael Jackson has broken almost every music record there is and continues to go strong years after his death. 

2. Elvis Presley.
The King Elvis Presley highest selling music artistes
Record sales— 211.5 million albums sold. The 'King' is the most successful solo artiste in history.

1. The Beatles.
The Beatles highest selling music artistes in history

Record sales — 270.1 million albums sold. 
A band of four extraordinary young men from the U.K who changed the face of music forever.

Take note of the fact that there's a lot of controversy with regards to estimated record sales of the artistes above. Somewhat bloated sales figures have made it really confusing sometimes.
Fortunately there are excellent reports and records that tell us the exact certified music sales of each of these legendary singers and those are the accurate figures that you see right here on this list. 
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