7 fastest footballers in the world of football today

- 2/12/2017
Meet the fastest footballers in the world right now. But also remember that the game of football is not only about speed.  It is also about outstanding dribbling skills,raw power, tactical positional awareness and pinpoint accuracy —amongst other things.
Even though tactics is the main ingredient that makes all the others work, it's still right to note that the game of football is getting faster—and not because of the pitch, the ball or even the fancy designer soccer boots, but because of the primary element of the game—footballers are getting faster and faster every season.

Not every player has the power of Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo, or the the dribbling dexterity of Lionel Messi and Neymar, but some players make up for it with incredible speed. And may the gods of football help the opponent, if a single player possesses all three qualities. He will be simply unstoppable.

We have compiled a short but powerful list of 7 football players that are the perfect definition of speed. 

Check them out—these are the Top 7 fastest footballers in the world today. 

7. Lionel Messi— Barcelona and Argentina. Speed—32.5km/h.
Lionel Messi fastest footballers

6. Cristiano Ronaldo—Real Madrid and Portugal. Speed—33.6km/h.
Cristiano Ronaldo fastest footballers

5. Aaron Lennon—Everton and England. Speed—33.8km/h.
Aaron Lennon fastest footballers

4. Gareth Bale—Real Madrid and Wales. Speed—34.7km/h.
Gareth Bale fastest footballers

3. Antonio Valencia —Manchester United and Ecuador.  Speed—35.1km/h.
Antonio Valencia fastest footballers

2. Theo Walcott—Arsenal and England. Speed—35.7km/h.
Theo Walcott fastest football players

1. Argen Robben—Bayern Munich and Holland. Speed—37 km/h.
Argen Robben fastest footballers

Take note of this—according to FIFA, the fastest time ever clocked by a footballer in the history of the game was achieved by Holland and Bayern Munich fleet footed forward Argen Robben during the 2014 World Cup against Spain. when the veteran striker clocked the blistering time above on his way to scoring Holland's 5th goal and his 2nd goal of the night.

We'll keep this list updated. 

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