A and E drama as Snake gets stuck in woman's ear

- 2/02/2017
Human beings have always had a certain fascination with snakes. The often deadly reptile has even been been used as pets by people, both at home and at shows. 
Woman with pet snake stuck in her ear
In fact snake attacks have been on the rise in recent years as more and more people get comfortable about being at close quarters with the reptile. 
But this story is not about a snake attack, it's about a woman with a snake in her ear. Or more accurately through her ear!

When sitting in A&E for hours on end, you’ll probably see a few characters. Some will break your heart, while others will scare the socks off you.
But one of the things you’re less likely to see is a woman with a python stuck in her earlob.

But that is exactly what happened last week, when Ashley Glawe walked into a hospital in Portland, Oregon, with Bart the snake.
Pet python stuck in woman's ear
The reptile-lover found herself in a bit of trouble after the Ball Python decided that her gauged earlobe would be a great slithering route.

The snake had expanded after eating a hefty meal. Initially, she said the moment was funny. However Bart soon became wedged – after clearly, he ate too many mice.

While waiting for a doctor to remove the snake, Ashley uploaded a photo to Facebook.

The post has now been shared more than 500 times.

I wonder how the doctors will react to this strange sight in the emergency room. It will take some brave soul doc to remove the snake from her ear without squirming in terror.

Baby Pet python or not.  

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