Concern as Zlatan Ibrahimovich may leave Manchester United when season ends

- 2/27/2017
He is the most popular player in Manchester United right now. And he is on fire.

Without a doubt, the confident Swede is the Red devil's most important player. But for a player who is used to playing Champions League football, his future at the club is uncertain now. With 2 months left in the current English Premier league season, it appears Zlatan Ibrahimovic may leave Manchester United this summer - despite Jose Mourinho’s pleas for him to stay.

Winning streak.The striker, whose late goal sealed United’s dramatic 3-2 EFL Cup final win over Southampton, is out of contract at the end of this season. Offers are pouring in from clubs around the globe hoping to land the man who is probably the most reliable footballer in the world.

There is an option to extend his deal for another season at Man U, but Ibrahimovic has yet to decide if he will be staying at Old Trafford.

Desperate to keep his prized striker, Mourinho has appealed for fans to camp outside the striker’s house in an attempt to persuade him to accept the club’s offer to commit to United again.

No Champions League, no staying. But having agreed to sign for one season without Champions League football, the Swedish superstar is reluctant to be without it again for what would likely be his last campaign in Europe. A highly decorated player,  this is the first time in years that Zlatan will be playing in a team that's not in the Champions League.

“Let’s see what happens,” said Ibrahimovic. “I mean the moment, how I feel, the situation. We have another two months of the season to go.

“My two kids wanted to see me play at United. But I had my mind somewhere else.

“My mind wasn’t here. Then my kids started to bump my head and Jose called, so I’m here.

“The kids are satisfied with what I’m doing. But this time I’m the boss, not them.”

His impact is immense and his influence on the team will be difficult to replace.There is real concern at United that Ibrahimovic, their most important player this season with 26 goals, may decide to move on after a solitary season.

Everyone will just have to keep their fingers crossed and wait for the end of the season.
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