Hot TV presenter pulls up her dress to display sexy tattoo

- 2/04/2017
Presenters showing off body parts accidentally or on purpose is something of a trend these days. And if the person showing off happens to be really hot, then it's social media buzz can go through the roof! 
Mexican TV presenter Claudia Guajardo
If it happens to be a celebrity body part, it will sky rocket social media shares. 
Yes—fame, celebrities, sports and hot women can be an incredible mix. A stunning Mexican TV presenter on a telly football show shocked the audience by lifting her dress and pulling down her pants to reveal a racy tattoo. For some viewers, It was a landmark moment in television. 

Show presenter Claudia Guajardo stopped short of showing off the entire sexy inking by her groin but causes a stir on popular Mexican programme Las Noches Del Futbol, meaning Football Nights. 

She is a well known selfie Queen on social media. Uni graduate Claudia, who regularly posts sexy selfies of herself in figure-hugging dresses on social media, seductively peels back her mini-shorts to show off the elaborate floral body art to the delight of her male admirers.And quite a number of them she has! Growing by the day too. 

In Mexico tunning in to weather or sports programs have become a major treat. If you're lucky you'll get more than you bargained for.

The sexy show host's attention-grabbing stunt immediately led to comparisons with sexy Mexican weather girl Yanet Garcia, who like Claudia is based in the Mexican city of Monterrey and regularly turns heads with her on-screen attire and sexy off-screen videos and selfies.

How she did it. Beautiful Claudia hoisted up her frock and pulled her pants down after being egged on by a fellow presenter as she admitted to having treated a colleague to a private viewing of her new tattoo just before the show aired.
Mexican television presenter exposes sexy tattoo
A male colleague who got to see the tattoo before they went live, covered up his face with a football scarf in a mock show of embarrassment.
But a fellow woman in the studio yelled: "Stop, stop, stop," as Claudia threatened to show more than might have been acceptable on a family programme - despite producers playing sexy music to accompany her daring striptease.

It was really all a part of the show. But one thing that's for certain—the viewers loved it just as the producers intended. I daresay we'll be seeing more sizzling stunts in the near future.

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