Justin Bieber fight investigation as singer headbutts man in restaurant

- 2/17/2017
Controversy hounded singer Justin Bieber in fight—again. This time with a bartender.

We all know that Justin loves a good fight. He has been in more scrapes than you can count, and is only lucky—so far, to still have his face intact. But his luck from the legal angle is probably running out.
Justin Bieber headbutts man in pre Grammy party
Police are probing claims pop star Justin Bieber headbutted a man after fighting two bartenders in a restaurant. Two! Bartenters! His winning streak must be getting to his head.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said it received a battery report allegedly involving 22-year-old Canadian singer Justin Bieber at around 2am on Saturday.

Proof of aggression and violence. A witness told officers that Bieber was involved in separate altercations with two bartenders at a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood.

The sheriff's department said: "The witness said he broke up the fights and asked Mr Bieber to leave. Mr Bieber refused to leave and remained at the restaurant.

A mean streak unleashed. "The witness stated, a few minutes later, he saw Mr Bieber arguing with a patron, when Mr Bieber suddenly headbutted the patron."
According to the sheriff's department, the witness told police Bieber left the location after his friends pulled him away from the alleged victim.

Something strange going on here.Officers interviewed the alleged victim but he refused medical attention and did not want to file a police report.

His headbutting skills can't be very good.There were no visible marks on the man and detectives are continuing to gather evidence, the sheriff's department said.

The bartenders allegedly involved in the incident had left the scene and did not want to file a police report, according to the witness.

Everyone seems to be keeping silent about pressing charges. Strange as that sounds, one thing is clear though—bieber should probably take a break from music and seriously consider a career in the UFC.
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