Kanye West dumps Donald Trump on Twitter as support for President goes sour

- 2/07/2017
Trump and Kanye fallout. Ever changing loyalties are common place. Especially in the world of celebrities and top politicians. Even the much loved Barack Obama, during his time as commander in chief was not immune to this.
Kanye West deletes Donald Trump twitter
In a new and unexpected twist Kanye West dumped Donald Trump on Twitter after showing unwavering support for months.

The erratic star has as ways shown solid support for Trump. But now the rapper has wiped his Twitter account clean of any references to the 45th President of the United States.
Apparantly it didn't take much for him to change his mind. According to TMZ , Kanye is unhappy with Trump's first weeks in office and no longer wants to support him. All it took was a week! Poor Trump. 

The President appears to be losing supporters faster than light. And his latest and most Infamous executive order is the primary reason for this. The website says that Kanye's decision to remove the tweets were all his, reporting that the "Muslim ban" and other actions were the catalyst for his decision. 

Big supporter—until now. Kanye had previously tweeted about Trump in a positive light and even met with him at Trump Tower before his inauguration.

Back then, he tweeted out the message: "I feel it is important to have a direct line of communication with our future President if we truly want change."

It was back in December that Kanye ventured to Trump's New York headquarters.

The pair had a meeting before posing together for photographers who were waiting in the lobby.

Trump called Kanye West his friend. When asked about their meeting, Trump said he and Kanye had been friends for a "long time".

Even though Obama expressed unflattering opinions about West, his wife Kim Kardashian has been showing her love for former President Barack Obama - who Trump succeeded - on Instagram.

What a couple!

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