Putin signs law decriminalizing domestic violence until bones are broken

- 2/09/2017
While  the Russian leader Putin ordered the country's  Air Force to prepare for a time of war, he seems  to have taken a lenient view on war at the domestic level.
Vladimir Putin signs domestic violence law in Russia
Controversy arose as Vladimir Putin signed new law  that decriminalized domestic violence in Russia.
In other words the punishment for violence at home has been dramatically reduced—to ridiculous levels. 

Critics said that the new bill will make holding abusers accountable even more difficult.

No punishment—unless you break some bones.The measure, approved earlier by the rubber-stamp parliament, reduces the penalty for violence against family members when it is the first such offence and does not cause serious injury, re-classifying it as an administrative misdemeanour punishable by a fine.
It used to be seen as a grievous offense. Previously such action was defined as battery, and was punishable by up to two years in jail. Not anymore.

Many supporters Conservative proponents of the change argued it was not right to punish parents for disciplining their children and said the state should back out of private domestic affairs.

Nowhere to run. Many critics feel it will lead to a significant rise in the already high rate of violence at home. The move has sparked a rare protest in Russia with many fearing it said it would exacerbate the already-widespread problem of domestic abuse of women by making it even harder for them to get help through the legal system.

According to statistics, of the 49,579 crimes in Russia involving violence in the family,35,899 were violence against women.

This appears to be the era of world leaders signing new controversial laws that completely change the way we live and the way we see life. 

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