Scary as Sudanese Journalist faces death sentence after HIV article

- 2/20/2017
In Certain African countries there can be a very thin line between freedom of the press and breaking the law. And that space can be a bit sketchy, tricky and even dangerous.
Sudanese journalist faces with death after Hiv article
In a bizzare case in Sudan recently, a female Sudanese journalist  got herself into trouble over her article on condom use. Ordinarily it's supposed to be a welcome thing to enlighten and educate the public on how to prevent the deadly disease. But in this case,  it backfired. According to The East Africa report, Ms Shamail Alnour is being accused of apostasy for her article on the use of condom as a protection against the HIV/Aids scourge.

As unbelievable as this sounds—it's true.  
The Sudanese journalist HIV article had explained how condoms could help stem the rising cases of HIV/Aids infections in the predominantly Muslim state. An article which prompted strong reactions and criticism from several of her compatriots who felt that it went against the Islamic values.
There is now a call for the death sentence to be handed down to the young journalist for her alleged offensive article. 
Radical Islamic leader Mohamed Ali Algizoli has accused Ms Alnour of apostasy and has called on the authorities to prosecute her for the crime, which is punishable by a death sentence in Sudan.
Her colleagues and organization step in to help her.  Although, journalist groups and the opposition have reportedly thrown their weight behind Ms Alnour by organising solidarity campaigns.

If she does escape punishment for writing the health article, then she will clearly do a rethink before she putting out any article in the future. Such is the terrain were she does her trade. 
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