Teen gets bitten by cobra while attempting to kiss it for photo

- 2/07/2017
Some people are terrified of snakes— as they should be. But there are others who become so comfortable with the slick reptile that they forget how deadly they can be. 
Cobra bites boy and kills him In India
In horrific snake attack in India, a teenager tried to mix fun technology  trends with dangerous nature—the results were catastrophic. The teen got bitten by a cobra while attempting to kiss it for a photo.
After being responsible for the rescue and preservation of over one 100 snakes, Somnath Mhatre died while getting too friendly with one. The 18 year old who was working as a volunteer snake rescuer decided to pose with the reptile for a picture when tragedy struck.

He had just picked up the venomous cobra from a car in a bid to take it to a safe place.

As he reached out his lips and pecked the snake on the head, the creature turned and sank its fangs into the teenager’s chest.

To late. Mhatre was rushed to hospital in Navi Mumbai, India, where he fought for his life, but died five days later.

A colleague, who did not want to be named, said: ‘Somnath had gone to rescue a snake from a car at central business district Belapur.
‘But after successfully rescuing the cobra, he took it to another location where was attempting to record his act of kissing the cobra on its head.

‘It was during that photo-op the snake suddenly turned and bit Somnath on his chest.’

Courting danger has always been a thrill for some men. And when they get through it unscathed, they never realize how lucky they were. But many more aren't so lucky.

Animal lover Mr Mhatre – who had rescued more than 100 snake,  did not realize that the naturally dangerous predator he was playing with,  did not share his love for fun, or the camera lens. 

Terrible indeed. 
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