Thousands sign for Barack Obama to run for President of France

- 2/26/2017
Some might say the French have good taste. A growing number of citizens of this European nation have expressed their desire to be led by bin other than the 44th President of the United States.
Obama for President of France
In fact, in an amazing move, a website has been set up to encourage Barack Obama to run for French President.

Clearly well loved across the ocean, the former US President certainly has experience but in a close-run election his arrival might be a little unexpected, if not outrightly crazy. 

The slogan of Obama 2017 is the official campaign and hope to raise more than a million signatures to encourage the Hawaii-born Obama to run in France.

Here's what the campaign message says: ‘The French are ready to make radical choices. That is good because we have a radical idea to propose to them.’

It’s aims are indeed radical: the country is currently the Fifth Republic and the group wish to replace it with a new Sixth Republic.

The current republic was established in the 1950s and strengthened the role of the President.
If he runs, his opponent might not stand a chance. He would be facing a rising far-right candidate in the form of Le Pen, the campaign  group believe Obama would be the right choice for the nation.

One major snag though. Obama does not speak French, but he  won local public opinion in 2015 by declaring ‘We are all French now’ when meeting with President Hollande. The French public have embraced him. 

Back in the states,  He was spotted leaving an office building in New York and was greeted by a crowd of hundreds of people. It's his first major public appearance since leaving office.

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