Top 5 best selling female artistes of all time

- 2/19/2017
These talented female singers rule the music world with the only thing that really counts—record sales. They are the 5 best selling female artistes ever

For a recording artiste, selling albums is no walk in the park. The Music Industry is one of the most competitive and unpredictable arms of the Entertainment world. So it's no wonder it spurns countless flops, one hit wonders and unfulfilled dreams of music stardom. 

Bottom line— no matter how talented you are, record sales is tough business. And that's why these following group of female artistes are really special indeed. 

All five have achieved album sales of over 200 million and almost one billion albums combined. 

Let's start off with number 5:

5. Whitney Houston. Certified album sales—112 million.
Whitney Houston best selling female artistes
The world was devastated when the doe eyed Whitney died in 2012. But she left a music legacy that is astounding and album sales that continue to soar every year. 

4. Celine Dion. Certified album sales—124.4 million.
Celine Dion highest selling female artistes
The original Queen of song. The Canadian has sold Millions of records and made hundreds of millions of dollars for her efforts.

3. Mariah Carey. Certified album sales—134.7 million.
Mariah Carey top selling female artistes
She's got a voice that has captivated us for years. Her appeal is undeniable and her record sales  say it all.

2. Rihanna. Certified album sales—$214.4 million.
Rihanna best selling female artistes
The sultry Barbadian singer has been working hard since her debut in 2005. Twelve albums and 65 singles later, she is now the 2nd top selling female singer.

1. Madonna. Certified album sales—170 million.
Madonna best selling female artiste
According to Guiness book of records Madonna is the Top selling female artiste in history as well as the richest female musician in the world today.

One of the most impressive artistes on this list however is our girl Rihanna. I mean she's on fire!

She achieved this many record sales with just 12 albums released. They consist of 8 studio albums, 2 compilation albums and 2 remix albums.  And she's only 28!
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