Curvy model Amber Rose displays bust in New backless and strapless bra

- 3/15/2017
Imagine a bra that is both strapless and backless, but still holds you tight. This was even put to the test by one of the bustiest celebrities. Doing what she loves, curvy model Amber Rose put on a busty display as she promoted a new backless and strapless bra.  In a convincing show, the star used her 36H assets to showcase how the wonder bra worked.

Curvy model Amber Rose displays backless bra
Her Instagram post shows her excitement.
“Redefining cleavage over here with the @sneakyvaunt pushup!” she captioned the clip. “Cannot believe I get all this and it's backless and strapless... If you’ve got it…VAUNT IT.”

The former dancing with the stars contestant  jiggled her breasts to show how the bra stays in place, and even tightened the laces to show how the new design can give you fuller, higher looking bust. 
Many have continued to doubt the body baring model's claim to no plastic surgery, even after the 33-year-old who is clearly proud of her body, revealed it’s all natural when she appeared on plastic surgery show Good Work in 2015. Doubters still insist of course.

Here are the words of the curvy model:

“I wear a 36H, natural,” she said, before admitting she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of going under the knife.
“This area over here, it’s like skin, and I want to fill it out. But I don’t know if I want to get an implant because my boobs are kind of really nice.”

We agree. And that bra looks quite nice on you Amber, if I may say so. Artificial or natural, the bra seems to work for every woman. 
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