Hot Kylie Jenner selfies cause social media storm

- 3/04/2017
One thing is crystal clear—super model Kylie Jenner isn't shy.  Since  Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, great changes have come over her as she resorted to more covered up pics. Her stunning younger sister however, has stepped up to fill her shoes. And what large shoes they are to fill. But the curvy beauty is proving quite formidable in this regard. 
Supermodel Kylie Jenner selfies
Cool Kim and fiery Kylie. While Kim is busy trying to play it cool with hipster snaps on social media, Kylie Jenner's selfies are swooping in, and she is fast becoming the new queen of the belfie.

The 19-year-old continues to post sizzling snaps on Instagram that shows off her insanely impressive body.

She obviously learnt from the best. It's clear the reality star has been taking notes from her big sister, who once loved posting racy snaps not too long ago. 
And now it seems the student is becoming the master.

Kim Kardashian meanwhile, has reinvented her image since taking a hiatus from social media following a traumatic jewelry heist in Paris back on October last year. 

Recently, she has given up her renowned and sizzling social media persona. These days the star has traded her mind blowing photographs for artsy images of her and her family.
Kylie Jenner but selfies photo
Kim Kardashian was once the selfie queen New generation? Bolder—Better? But Kylie is certainly picking up the baton where her sister left off.

She's even making money off it in the process - T-shirts of the now viral belfie are already available to purchase from The Kylie Shop, her online store.
Supermodel Kylie Jenner hot selfies
So go pick yourself a Kylie selfie imprinted T-shirt—and be inspired. 

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