Jealous boyfriend attacks girlfriend with acid and sets her on fire

- 3/27/2017
Acid attacks have become a favoured way for many people in relationships to get back at their partners or ex partners. Unfortunately it is one of the most gruesomely destructive acts you have ever seen—which is exactly why they use it. 
Acid attack victims
Recently, a beautiful 24-year-old woman was taken to hospital after such an attack. She is currently  receiving treatment for acid extreme burns inflicted on her by her jealous lover over something as simple as sharing the photo of her dog with her ex boyfriend.
Horrific ordeal. It resembled a scene from a really sick movie when 24-year-old Yekaterina M had to endure hours of torture as her boyfriend, Vyatcheslav, poured acid on her, pinned her down then set her on fire in an apartment in Moscow, Russia. 
Boyfriend attacks girlfriend with acid
And what caused him to scar her for life? Seething Jealousy of course. It had all started when she took a prank photo of her dog that she co-owned with her ex sitting on the door of the oven. Her current man saw the photo and told her not to share it with her ex, but she did and Vyatcheslav saw the chat, got angry and carried out the brutal attack on her that ruined her in more ways than one and exposed once again how dark a human mind can get. 

 He deprived her of medical treatment in the aftermath of the attack. The victim suffered severe burns but Vyatcheslav, allegedly kept her in the flat away from medical treatment for two hours. Photos show the woman in hospital with her head, chest and arms covered in bandages.
Jealous Russian man pours acid on girlfriend
Yekaterina explained the attack:
"He asked me not to share this photo, but I did, in our chat," she said. Then when he found the photo in her sent box, he became enraged and attacked her.
She said:
"He thought that I wanted to get back with my ex. He told me that I had five minutes to leave the place. My dog was still in there, so I could not abandon it there. I was trying to make a joke out of the situation."

Although Russia decriminalized domestic violence recently, this incident falls well within the limits of procecution. Police are investigating.

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