Johnny Depp accused by managers of spending 2 million dollars a month

- 3/30/2017
Here is a shocking accusation leveled against the Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp spent $2 million in a single month! And he has been accused of being ulra-extravagant by managers. They claim the wealthy star's spending is out of control. But Depp says it's just a calculated “smear” campaign meant to discredit him in court! Obviously the troubled actor's legal troubles continue in dramatic fashion.
Actor Johnny Depp court case
The legal fight with his ex managers is getting dirtier. Depp fired back against his former managers in their ongoing lawsuit Monday, with a new filing that accused TMG of having “a plan to attempt to smear Mr. Depp” because otherwise they had “no viable defense.”

The 53 year old star is throwing everything at them in court—and they're throwing right back. Yes, in addition, he launched outrageous new allegations in the documents, accusing TMG of concocting an elaborate banking scheme designed to skim millions from Depp’s movie residuals.
He felt let down by their services. The new filing follows a $25-million fraud suit Depp filed against TMG in January, accusing the company of mishandling his fortune.

In response to the suit, TMG publicly blamed Depp’s wild ways for his money woes, citing in court documents an “ultra-extravagant lifestyle” that they claim often cost Depp in excess of $2 million per month to maintain.
Johnny Depp sues managers TMG to court
They really started bringing out the dirty linen. The TMG filing alleged that Depp “spent $30,000 per month on expensive wines that he had flown to him around the world for his personal consumption,” And it's no secret that Johnny loves a good drink—or two.

According to his former managers, “Depp also paid over $3 million to blast from a specially-made cannon the ashes of author Hunter Thompson over Aspen,” they alleged. Incredible! 

Stressed out and worn out by months of court room drama. Meanwhile, Depp appears to be feeling the stress: He showed up at Lady Gaga’s Los Angeles birthday dinner party looking gaunt and stressed out.

Johnny Depp has a networth of a whopping $400 million, and had to pay ex Amber Heard $6.8 million after she dropped her domestic violence charges against him last year. 

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