Kendall Jenner robbed of thousands of dollars in jewelry in her home

- 3/19/2017
The Kardashians have suffered another robbery. This time it was super model Kendall Jenner who was the victim of thieves. 

Security guards and security gadgets don't seem to work so well these days, even for the rich and famous who seem to be able to afford the very best of both. 
Supermodel Kendall Jenner robbery case
Kendall Jenner was robbed in her house of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. But the model has stepped out for the first time since the robbery. She has followed sister Kim's  example, and has sacked her security guard.

In a heist that proved successful for the perpetrators, the reality star was targeted by burglars in her home who made off with $200,000-worth of jewellery. Some of the  including expensive Rolex and Cartier watches. The Theft occurred last week and Kendall is really upset that her security guard(now Fired) had failed to stop the robbers.
It appeared there had been a party and the robbery was an inside job. The act was carried out by one or more of the partygoers at the bash when Kendall left for an hour around midnight. Kendall and her family believe the person was not an invited guest. 

She recently beefed up her security. Last year, Kendall hired extra security to patrol her Hollywood Hills home after stalker Shavaughn McKenzie was found waiting outside the property, situated above Hollywood's Sunset Strip, in Augus last year. 

The television star and model bought the house for $6.5 million. The 4800-square foot house previously belonged to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski.

Kendall's half sister Kim Kardashian went through a similar, but somewhat more traumatic experience when she was tied up by a group of thieves in her Paris apartment and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry some months ago. 

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