Mel C reveals which former Spice Girls nicknames fit the most

- 3/08/2017
They are the most successful girl group in history. At the height of their fame they were simply electrifying, ensuring that large portions of the globe were gripped by the Spice Girls fever. I mean everything about them was colourful and catchy—even their Spice Girls nicknames
Spice Girls nicknames
But in a rare revealing moment, Mel C— AKA Sporty spice, says that Victoria Beckham was the least like her Spice Girl nickname - Posh.

Can you believe that? Mel sensationally came out firing at Victoria’s glamorous nickname saying it was the one that rang “least true”.

On the contrary, she said Mel B ’s ‘Scary’  Spice nickname was really accurate as she “really is petrifying.”

Friends forever. Mel revealed the group would remain lifelong friends despite often falling out due to “human nature.”  For as long as I can remember,  falling out has always been a typical characteristic of popular music bands during their union, and even after their split. And the greatest girl band in history is no different

Origin of the now legendary monikas. The Spice Girls landed their nicknames Sporty, Posh, Baby, Scary and Ginger in a 1996 Top Of The Pops magazine story.
Mel c Spice Girls
When Mel was asked to reflect on the names, and how accurately they fit each Spice girl, Mel came out firing at Victoria’s Posh alter ego.

She admitted she felt Mel B and her Scary moniker was the closest to her aura as a person. 

She said: “Scary makes sense. She is petrifying. I remember at times being on tour, and I am sure everyone has people in their lives when they hear their footsteps coming down the corridor you cower - that is how scary she can be.

“I love her.”

On Emma Bunton AKA Baby Spice, she admitted: “She is the youngest, and she will always be the youngest and the baby. It is quite nice.”

She had some nicer things to say about Geri Halliwell. Mel said that Ginger was perfect in the 1990s. “She is not the bright ginger she was back in the day, there is definitely some red tones.”

And finally got herself—The solo star says that her Sporty nickname is something she saw as a compliment.
“Obviously one of the great things is that we had our individuality and it appealed to so many different kinds of girls But my nickname came more from the way I dressed.

It is clear that whoever thought up those names did not realize how eternally they would stick. It has certainly added to the editing Iconic image of the Spice Girls.
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