Movie Musical Grease returns with Danny and Sandy after 40 years

- 3/28/2017
Unbelievable! The return of Grease? Not really, Just a reunion of our favorite movie musical Grease cast and crew after 40 years. The Iconic movie which influenced a generation and turned a lot if it's beloved actors into global superstars is now 4 decades old and still gaining new fans every year. 
John Travolta and Oliver Newton John reunite for grease
In a heart warming plan, Grease stars John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John will return as Danny and Sandy to mark the film’s 40th anniversary next year. An event that will delight millions of Grease fans around the world—myself included.

Singer and actress Olivia, 68, confirmed the pair are discussing ideas for the reunion – though she did not say what format it would take or how many appearances there would be.
The screen legend was Speaking before collecting the Icon Award at the Fame Awards at Hard Rock Live in Las Vegas, she said: “We are thinking up ways. Nothing to announce yet.
Movie musical Grease 40th anniversary
Just like yesterday. “Forty years anniversary of Grease, which I can’t believe. Time goes so fast. It is so exciting.”

The movie musical that took the world by storm. Grease cost just $5m to make but earned almost $400m at the box office in 1978 helped by its famous soundtrack which catapulted Olivia to global fame.

Not since the Sound of music, has a Hollywood musical made such an impact in global consciousness.

Source photo: Film magic

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