Russia's richest billionaires and the 20 million Russians living in poverty

- 3/14/2017
Do you know that Russia has 77 billionaires in 2017 ? This makes it the 6th country in the world with most billionaires.But as the fabulously wealthy - such as Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich - buy ever bigger yachts and build ever bigger mansions, the average Russian is becoming ever poorer. For real. 
Richest people in Russia
Russian  billionaire Alisher Usmanov 
Russia's richest billionaires all have impressive net worths. But many ordinary men and women live in desperate conditions and last year a staggering 19.2 million people - that is exactly 13.4% of the population - were officially living in poverty .

A tough life with hardly any respite. Ordinary Russians struggle to eke out a living as tough sanctions put in place by the West really start to bite. 

Even the best areas in the country have large portions of the poor and struggling. In Russia's second city St Petersburg a staggering 600,000 people still live in shared communal apartments - and this is one of the wealthiest places in Russia.

But admist all the poverty, there is a large flow of wealth in Russia. The extent of this wealth is illustrated by the fact that Roman Abramovich, whose wealth is estimated at 7.4 billion, does not even make the top ten of richest Russians.

The richest Russian billionaire list is topped by Alisher Usmanov with a staggering networth of $15 billion USD. 

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