Shocker Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are dating again

- 3/07/2017
Recently, life seems to have this A list actor on the ropes. With several bombed movies and a Hollywood marriage on the rocks,  Affleck really needed a ray of light. And he got one. In the beautiful and familiar form of Jenny from the Block. 
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck dating
Ben and Jennifer in 2002
Believe it or not Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are dating again.The newly single couple are giving their ill-fated 2004 romance another go, has exclusively learned.

It is a shocking development that could certainly seal the deal on the death of Affleck’s marriage to Alias star Jennifer Garner.
44 year old Affleck and Lopez, 47, are getting together again — and it’s not just to discuss their upcoming projects. It's another try at a relationship 12 years after their failed one. 

In fact it's been reported that things are really heating up between them. During one recent script meeting, “It was like they’d never split up,” an insider revealed.

“She was actually blushing when he kissed her in greeting. There’s so much chemistry between them, all the other folks … could have been invisible!”

Meanwhile, Lopez has been giving Affleck the green light by speaking about their past relationship with nostalgia.

Here what the 'If you had my love' singer had to say. “I think different time, different thing, who knows what could’ve happened, but there was a genuine love there,” she said in one recent interview.
Although JLo isnt the reason Affleck's marriage to Garner is all but over, an insider said: “Jen was always paranoid about JLo and it looks like she was right,” 

Older and hopefully wiser, Ben and Jen will certainly try to make things work this time. 
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