US Man says he's the true King of England not Queen Elizabeth

- 3/03/2017
It's so incredible it's more like a fictional claim to the Iron Throne! A US man claiming he's King of England and plans to take the throne from Queen Elizabeth II

In a claim that can only been called crazy, Allan V Evans, of Colorado, says he has a legitimate claim to be monarch and he wants the Queen's throne.
Queen Elizabeth of England
Confident and eager. Evans, who is rather persistent, took out a large ad in The Times to let everyone know that he’s got his eyes on the prize – Buckingham Palace. If his claim is true, then the Monarchy might have a very complicated and confusing situation on their hands. 
According to his rather legitimate looking ad, he is a direct descendant of ‘unbroken primogeniture line legally documented since the 3rd century in Great Britain and registered in the Royal College of Arms.

In a gracious show of goodwill Evans is patient enough to wait for the Queen’s death. Here what Evans writes with regards to the Queen:  ‘And shall further pursue an injustice of history by claiming by right the throne and sovereign crown of Great Britain at Westminster, upon whence the sad future death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, as he will not out of greatest and most deepest respect despose her in life for the great service and selfless sacrifice that she and her husband HRH Prince Philip has rendered to this great nation.’

It has been reported that this isn't he first time Allan has made bizzare claims of this sort. And he is usually backed up with legitimate seeming proof. 

Most people see him as audacious prankster who simply seeks attention with his outrageous claims. 

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