Cloud shaped like Jesus appears over town in Columbia where landslide killed 17

- 4/27/2017
People's desire to believe in something bigger than themselves is not unusual at all. The world we live in presents enough challenges and tough questions to make people crave for the right answers. Hope becomes the ray of light that pierces through walls of pain as was witnessed recently after a tragic landslide in Columbia
Jesus Christ Cloud sighted in Columbia
In the strangest of circumstances, a cloud Shaped like Jesus has been seen as a beacon of hope in a city struck by a landslide that killed 17 people.

Surrounded by death and anguish the residents of Manizales, Colombia, have taken the beams of light through clouds as a sign from God. 
The incredible sighting was recorded on a mountain called Sancancio. The shape that the locals said was the figure of Jesus provided comfort to grieving city folk.

According to Marya de Iesus a woman who recorded the religious experience and shared it online, she wrote : ‘Jesus Christ was visiting our Colombian town, he calmed down the sky and was listened to. God blesses us and glory to Lord and Universe King.’

Since it was first shared, the video went viral on social networks and was shared more than 27,700 times.

But not everyone saw it as a supernatural occurrence one user had this to say:  ‘This is a natural phenomenon with the light of the sun through different types of clouds. It happens in all parts of the world.’

While another user wrote that it was a conspiracy theory orchestrated by NASA

But whatever it was,  it did manage to give comfort and light on a dark and catastrophic day in Columbia.

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