Kanye West mental health worse as paranoid rapper wears bullet proof vest

- 4/30/2017
There's nothing funny about mental health. So you know I'm not kidding when I say that Kanye's situation is something that needs to be taken under control before it deteriorates.
Kanye West mental health breakdown
Kanye West so scared he wears bullet proof vests 
Kanye West's mental health has always been a topic of discussion. And now,  especially after his mental breakdown last year, it's been confirmed that the talented rapper has some serious health concerns. Currently, it's been reported that he is paranoid he is going to be assassinated. And to protect himself,  he’s made a bulletproof vest part of his everyday attire —Not a very comfortable way to pass the day. 
People close to him are getting increasingly worried  and friends fear he is days away from another nervous breakdown!

According to a snitch. “He’s not right in the head and he’s under the delusion that he’s a target,” the source reveals to Radar.

“He has nightmares of being hit by bullets — he wears the bulky gear even when it’s just out for dinner!”

He is also tortured by thoughts of his wife, Kim Kardashian, being robbed at gunpoint in Paris last October. An incident that traumatised both of them greatly. 

The Hip hop artiste and his reality TV star wife have a staggering combined networth, and the controversial rapper is convinced their wealth has made them susceptible. His fear has caused him to invest large amounts in security —But still he is increasingly ill at ease. 

The paranoia has gotten so bad he has even ordered his fleet of cars be made bulletproof, too! “Kanye won’t go outside without an army of security guards. The unfortunate thing is that he doesn't seem to be getting better.

Constantly looking over his shoulder,he is convinced people are after him. 

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