Kim Kardashian's butt reduction shocker before and after

- 4/11/2017
For years now Kim Kardashian has been synonymous with great body and hot booty. But one of the greatest public appeals of the reality TV star is her claim that she had never had butt augumentation surgery.
Before and after photos of Kim Kardashian's butt
Its no secret that butt implants and other forms of booty surgical enhancement are a rave at the moment—especially amongst stars who spend thousands of dollars on surgical procedures designed to achieve a killer body.

The mother of two has often claimed that her but is 100% natural. But check out these shocking before and after photos of Kim Kardashian's butt reduction and judge for yourself.

Some celebrities openly admit to cosmetic surgery, while others fiercely deny it. The all hot and natural body achieved without a doctor's help becomes the new appeal, drawing admiration and a reputation for being a natural beauty.

Top plastic surgeons have often speculated about the mysteries of Kim K's impressive booty. Well, recently, the mystery deepened as the Keeping up with the Kardashians star appeared publicly with a noticeably smaller derriere.

Surgeons are saying her reduced booty size could be anything from removal of butt implants to liposuction, or even good old fashioned weight loss. What do you think?

Source photo: Radar online 
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