Scary photo of man high on drug Spice shows side effects of synthetic Cannabis

- 4/07/2017
A shocking photo of a man high on drug Spice has emerged. It's a truly scary sight. 

The unnamed man is pictured bent double and stumbling like a zombie in a horror film. He is in the typically catatonic state that comes after taking the drug Spice. Also know as synthetic Cannabis.
Check out side effects of synthetic Cannabis drug Spice
Zombie:man high on spice
Like a scene from the walking dead, the man sways and trembles while keeping his feet completely still as shocked people walk past on their daily business in Cardiff city centre.

Deadly addiction spreading fast. His symptoms are similar to other people under the influence of brands of synthetic cannabis like Spice, Frozen Spice and Black Mamba. It is still rampant in the streets inspire of it illegal status. 
Addictive, deadly—and illegal. The potentially deadly strain of the substance, which is still readily available from street dealers despite now being illegal to sell without prescription, had been turning people into 'statues', paralysed while standing or squatting. It renders them unrecognizable and paints a haunting picture of their human form. 

According to experts: ‘[Spice] has the physically addictive qualities of heroin and the psychologically addictive qualities of crack,’ says Robert Ralphs, senior lecturer in criminology at the Manchester Metropolitan University and an expert on the drug.
Synthetic Cannabis drug Spice
Terrible side effects and quick addiction are characteristics of the illegal substance. Reported effects include convulsions, shortness of breath, kidney failure and cardiac arrest, as well as hallucinations and irreparable damage to the user’s mental health.

The Zombie drug was made illegal in May this year. But inspite of that, the addiction seems to be spreading faster than ever as more people fall prey to the drug and it's horrific side effects.
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