Sexy Tennis player Maria Sharapova failed to find love during drug ban

- 4/16/2017
Hot Tennis star Maria Sharapova has revealed that during her drugs ban she went on a dating spree—she had the time,  why not use it right? 

Failed to find love. But the Russian-born star failed in her quest to find love. The reason for her failed love mission is simple—according to her, men find her too intimidating.
Tennis star Maria Sharapova drug ban over
Physically dazzling,super successful and fiercely independent can certainly scare some men. But not all of them. 

29 year old Sharapova, said: 'I have enjoyed going out with different people from different cultures in different professions. From that perspective, I'm all over the map.'

What is her ideal man? What kind of man would beautiful Maria like?

'Someone with their own opinions and their own life who is comfortable in their own skin,' she replied. Fair enough.

Last year fans and foe where shocked when Sharapova was banned for 15 months after an unintentional violation where she took a recently banned substance meldonium. Her ban which was initially fixed at two years was shortened to a year and 3 months. She will now return to the sport in the Porshe Grand Prix in Stuggart on April 26. 

Clearly overjoyed to be back to her first love,  she said jovially: 'I am skipping Coachella this year. I got my day job back!'  

The tennis ace was found with meldonium in her system at the 2016 Australian Open, a substance she had been taking for 10 years of her playing career. 

Officials initially banned her for two years but the punishment was reduced to 15 months after the Court of Arbitration for Sport recognized that her doping was unintentional.

We are glad to have her back to light up our lives as she fires up the tennis courts, in her usual determined style.  


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