Shocking before and after weight loss photos of woman who was called hippo

- 4/18/2017
Get fat and get mocked. Trim down and get mocked. There is no satisfying some people, so don't even try. But trust me—it's easier said than done. As long as the internet remains,  trolls will always be with us. These sadistic critics who—by the way are human, just like the poor souls they torment, are a constant presence in the social social media world. 
Check out woman's before and after weight loss photos
Check out the before and after weight loss photos 48yr old Peggy Pullen. Ironically it was an offhand insult from the mouth of a child that was all the motivation she needed to lose 80 pounds in under a year. And not just burning fat, but building muscle! Her amazing weight loss journey took off several years ago when the mum from Utah visited a public pool with her four kids, while there, a child unknowingly referred to Pullen as a 'hippopotamus'. Child or not, it hurt like crazy. But to Peggy's credit,  she used the insult to change her life, rather than let it ruin it. 
Being likened to one of the bulkiest animals in the world was the kick she needed to get going. Pullen says she hid in her room and cried on returning home and was too devastated to even speak to her family.

Ashamed to eat or be seen by others. She said: 'I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to come out of the room or anything. I was in a really bad place.' Yet, from this low point rose a newfound sense of resolution:
'I needed to do something about my weight. I knew I had to make a choice that my children could learn from.'
See woman's shocking weight loss photos
Procrastination is one of the main reasons most people never kick off their weight loss journey. But this woman didn't make the mistake. The next day after the incident, she registered for a 12-week program on a fitness website and community. 

 The critics were merciless,  but Pullen was not deterred as she continued on her fat burning regimen.  She said sticking to a healthy diet was a challenge and dealing with the negative attitudes of people at the gym wasn't any easier.

To take a page out of her weight loss tips: 'If you can change your mindset, you can do anything.'

And she did. Her before and after pics show a dramatic and remarkable weight loss, and body shaping that took just a year to achieve.
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