Super lucky Couple win lottery three times in multi million dollar lotto wins

- 4/09/2017
Winning the lottery once is an incredible stroke of luck that happens to a few fortunate people. But imagine winning not once, but thrice in your lifetime! Now that is more than luck. I call it the Midas touch(a touch that turns everything to gold).
Couple win lottery three times
That is exactly what happened to a couple who won the lottery for the THIRD time. They astonished couple have every cause to celebrate after winning three times—they have become millionaires overnight.

Millions for free. It was first, second and third time lucky for Barbara and Douglas Fink, who just hit the £4.9million jackpot.
It's their biggest win yet. Previously, they only won prizes in the six figures.
According to the lucky pair,  after realising what happened, Barbara phoned her husband.

‘He didn’t answer, so I waited five minutes and tired again,’ she said.
‘That time, he picked up and I said, “I’ve done it again”.’

They have beautiful and thoughtful plans of what to do with all that money. Barbara would like a new house, but they want to spend the rest on their daughters and grandchildren.

‘Family comes first – we want to make sure that our daughters and our grandkids are looked after,’ Barbara said.
They entered Lotto 649, the Canadian lottery, and matched all six numbers to win C$8.2m – almost £5,000,000. 

They were already planning on taking a holiday trip with their previous winnings before the biggest win dropped in their laps. 

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