Teenager shoots himself while playing with gun on Instagram live

- 4/14/2017
Imagine the shock and horror of rushing into your teenage son's room to find him in the pool of his own blood.  That is exactly what happened to this devastated mother. 

Toying with a deadly weapon. A teenager shot himself in the head while playing with a gun live on Instagram.
Teenager shoots himself
In an incident witnessed live by dozens of friends, Malachi Hemphill, 13, accidentally killed himself in his bedroom at his family home in Atlanta, Georgia.

The heartbreaking footage shows his mother and sister discovering him collapsed on the floor before they cut the horrifying social media feed.
Haunted by the incident. His mother, Shaniqua, told 11alive.com: ‘To find your 13-year-old son on the floor with a gunshot in his head, that’s something you just never forget. You never forget the image.’

According to reports, fun loving Malachi had taken the rubbish out of his Atlanta, Georgia, home before going to his bedroom to play with the handgun that ended up killing him. 

Shocker. After the gunshot went off his mother and sister ran to the room to discover him in a pool of blood.
Teenager suicide on instagram live
The boy had made sure to lock his room before toying with the loaded weapon, and the two women had to break the door down only to find the 13-year-old in a pool of his own blood.

Over 50 friends who had been watching him live on instagram and lived close-by rushed to his home and witnessing him shoot himself in the head. 

Incidents of death and suicide on social media is on the rise with one game in particular Blue Whale posing a huge risk to teenagers in social media. 
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