Bond girl Jane Seymour speaks about Roger Moore and their romantic bedroom scene in Live and let die

- 5/28/2017
Not every girl can reminisce about a night with 007. But she can. 

Bond girl Jane Seymour has spoken of her love and respect for Sir Roger Moore after the Iconic star passed away.
Bond girl Jane Seymour and Roger Moore
The handsome English actor who played James Bond from 1973 to 1985, with an elegance that seemed to punch holes in the Brawny personality of predecessor Sean Connery, sadly passed away in Switzerland this week following a short but brave battle with cancer. He was aged 89.

Jane , who joined him in his debut for the franchise for 1973's Live and Let Die, has revealed how it was like behind the scenes—especially while filming those steamy bedroom scenes together.
And while they looked romantic on screen, Jane says they were anything but.

The beautiful actress told the Daily Telegraph : "On the day of our bedroom scene, Roger and I were having lunch together when he suggested we should eat liver and onions. I thought he was joking until he ordered it to make sure it would be as unappealing as possible. I honestly didn't know what to make of that but, as usual, he'd made me laugh.

"Filming it was nerve-rackng, embarrassing and not at all sexy. So long was taken arranging the lights and camera angles that I fell asleep in the bed and had to be woken up. Although we didn't have any terribly steamy scenes he was a very good, polite kisser."

And as it turned out, the chemistry between them was electric and romantic at the same time. Moore who took on the role aged 45, went on to star in six more James Bond movies, before he quit the Franchise at 57 years of age, after 'A view to a kill'

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