Kim Kardashian's butt too big says plastic surgeon

- 5/25/2017
Kim Kardashian's butt is finally losing it! And according to experts, there is absolutely nothing she can do about it. Her real butt photos have done more harm than good to the reality TV star who overestimated the loyalty of her over 100 million Instagram fans, when she showcased her unairbrushed bum photos for the first time ever.
Shamed Kim Kardashian's butt too big
The medical experts have unflattering opinions about the derriere of the star. Kim K’s fans aren’t the only ones who are criticizing her butt — even plastic surgeon Aardon Rollins, who is rumored to have worked on her famous rear-end in the past, admits it’s become “too big.” Kim's backside that is. 
According to Rollins:
“Let her serve as a lesson to anyone who wants to make a body part bigger,” the surgeon said “If they have cellulite there before the procedure, then it will be there afterwards, too. People need to think about that or it will look bad like Kim’s.”
Kim Kardashian's cellulite butt
He explained that if you take trouble fat and cellulite from one part of your body and inject it into another, then it will still be trouble fat with cellulite in its new location.

At the end of the photo shoot, The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star lost over 100,000 followers who called her  “a fake.” You just can't please these fans! 

Aardon went on to explain that at this point Kim's booty is just 'Too big' and there is absolutely nothing the mother of two can do but airbrush, or wear less rear end revealing atire in the future.

Younger sister Kylie Jenner has now taken over the new booty Queen. 
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