Kylie Jenner's butt tatoo raises eyebrows in recent sexy photos

- 5/01/2017
Dont lose your head—There is a tatoo on Kylie Jenner's butt! Ever since Kim Kardashian's unairbrushed photos surfaced online, causing her public outrage and a quick loss of thousands of social media followers, Kylie Jenner now seems to be the preferred selfie Queen. Recently the stunning model posed for a sexy snap in her underwear - but it wasn't her amazing figure that fans noticed. No—it was the flaw in her usually flawless booty
Kylie Jenner butt tatoo
Fans noticed a red mark on Kylie's bum
Curious about the strange mark, the reality star's followers asked what had happened after spotting a big red 'scar' on her bum.

In the sexy picture, which the 19-year-old shared on Instagram, Kylie sat on the floor with her legs bent and her arms resting on her knees. Looking dazzling I might add. 
Meaning of Kylie Jenner booty tatoo
Kylie Jenner's tatoo 
But fans started asking about the big red mark on her bum.
One said: "Awe you alright Kylie what's that scar"

Another commented: "'What happened to your butt?"
Sexy Kylie Jenner butt tatoo
Sexy model Kylie Jenner is the new selfie Queen 
"There's a fresh scar on your butt," wrote another.

Not surprisingly, Some people concluded that it was a scar left behind by a butt implant operation. A surgical procedure Kardashian women have often been accused of, and have vehemently deny. 

But it turns out the red mark is no scar at all. It's a tatoo. 'Before sanity' those are the words of the mysterious Kylie Jenner bum tatoo. So pipe down people! 
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