Meet 11 year old girl with IQ higher than Albert Einstein

- 5/09/2017
She has incredible brain power. It's not everyday you come across someone smarter that the man of the Millennium. A girl with a higher IQ than Einstein is considered one of the brightest children in the world today. Infact she is most probably one of the world's smartest people
11 year old girl Mia Gilosino world's smartest children
Mia Gilosino 
Mega smart Mia Golosino has an IQ of 162 – a score so high it's well over the so-called genius benchmark of 140. I mean Once a person hits a score of 140 they are considered geniuses. This girl has  a score of 162!

It puts her well into the top 1% of people when it comes to brain power .

Her parents, IT manager Jose and full-time mum Mary, are super proud of their kid as they should be. 
Girl with IQ higher than Albert Einstein
Mia has an IQ of 162 higher than Einstein's 160
For those of you who didn't know— Albert Einstein had an IQ of 160 which put him way up there in the wonderfully weird world of genius minds. 

Yes the man was able to think in ways that we only see in movies or fairytales. His life's work and legacy are a testament to his amazing mind to this very day. So imagine how far MI's could go if given full support. It will be great to see her grow into the smartest woman the world has ever seen. 

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