Michael Jackson's son Blanket changes his name after years of bullying

- 5/27/2017
Personally  I thought his name was cute. But growing up with the King of pop as your father can never be easy on a kid. Michael Jackson’s son Blanket has changed his name for touching reasons. It was revealed that he’s been "bullied" for several years and changes his name was an attempt to get away from it all. 
Michael Jackson's Youngest son blanket changes his name
 According to reports, the late singer's 15-year-old son has opted for a different name after and has since become "more confident".

 Blanket who is Michael's youngest child, has struggled to come to terms with the death of his legendary father in 2009.
Infact a family friend revealed how the kids idolize their dad: "The kids live like Michael is constantly looking down upon them," 

"But Blanket has had the most adjusting after Michael died. He acted very lost and extremely upset."

But in 2015 after years of grief and bullying he decided to change his name permanently.

And the new name is not at all what you'd expect. According to reports His name is now Bigi! Get used to it because it's not going anywhere soon. 

People reveals that, while he’s still "shy around people he doesn’t know", he is now "confident" at his Los Angeles private school.
The teenager with the new name Bigi,  now focuses on his grades, sports, movies and spending time with his friends.

I bet we'll be hearing more amazing things about this special young man.  Here is what his older sister Paris Jackson had to say about him: "This lil dude right here is one of the strongest, intelligent and determined people I know.

Go Blanket!  Sorry—I meant Bigi. 

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