Nigerian Artiste Davido's new house proves he's one of the richest musicians in Nigeria(photos)

- 5/28/2017
Nigerian Music is on the rise on the global music scene, and the art of big money making—and spending is quickly catching on for Nigeria's singing entertainers. There was a time in the Populous West African country when singers could barely afford a car, or even a decent house to live in. But all that has changed now— And changed dramatically it has.
Nigerian artiste Davido
Music in the country now pays, and pays big. And when you check out Nigerian artiste Davido's house you'd understand the extent of this incredible luxury. 
Check out the photos of the super crib below:
These days musical success almost always means guaranteed financial success as well, in the industry. Singers in Nigeria Now ply their trade with pride and profit. 
Some of the richest Nigerian musicians like,P Square, BankyW, Wizkid and Davido are able to afford high end Jewellery, luxury cars and even multi-million dollar homes. 
Richest Nigerian musicians

Nigerian artiste Davido's new house
Big ups to the talented artistes in this musical haven of Africa. 

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