Nigerian President Buhari's health shocker before and after (photos)

- 5/02/2017
For some time now there has been conflicting reports rumours and speculation Concerning Nigerian President Buhari's health status. 
Nigerian President Buhari's health issues
President Buhari before
So far,  a few things are abundantly clear—The man is not young, he is actually in his 70s—an age when health concerns get more serious,  frequent and harder to manage.  The hardworking Head of state has been  receiving treatment for an undisclosed Health issue/issues.  The update of which concerned Nigerians have been kept mostly in the dark. 
No doubt, the privacy is understandable. The recession hit West African country are already worn out by the economic hardship that has stuck to her for over a year. So it s not really wise to let out inconclusive reports of his health prematurely.
Health of the Nigerian President Buhari in Photos
President Buhari after
One thing is obvious—the President is ailing.  Check out these incredible before and After photos of the Nigerian President Buhari as he struggles to get well again and return to the daunting task of running the most populous black nation in the world. 

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