Pamela Anderson undergoes drastic transformation and her face is almost unrecognizable

- 5/23/2017
At the screening of 120 beats per minute at the 70th Cannes Film Festival, Pamela Anderson's transformation caused quite a stir as the star debuted a new and glamorous look. But that's not what got people talking. Her face had undergone it's strangest changes yet. So dramatic Infact the former model was hardly recognizable.
Pamela Anderson transformation
She is the stunning babe who dazzled us in her role as one of the hottest lifeguards ever to appear on television. Unfortunately, her Iconic role coupled with the multiple playboy covers the former glamour model appeared on, has left a lasting impression on her fans which can never last forever.
At 49 years old it gets harder for someone to look their best. And trying to mimic what they looked like 20 years ago can usually cause more harm than success.
Former glamour model Pamela Anderson plastic surgery
Guess what—in a clear attempt to keep it together, the star went head to head in a challenge with father time,  and like many before her,  she came up worse for wear. The plastic surgeons did not do her any favours as her fans were left in shock at her transformation.

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