President Macron and Wife Bridgette age gap condemned by celebrity singer Dencia

- 5/10/2017
Maybe we should look at it in reverse. For obvious reasons, there is an obsession with the age gap between newly elected French President and his much older wife. 
French President macron and wife Bridgette
Macron and Wife Bridgette's age gap was condemned by many 
Many have spoken out about the age difference between French President Macron and wife Bridgette who are 39 and 64 years old respectively. The uproar is even louder now that he has become the youngest man ever to head France. Some have tried to put it down to 'being French', while others can't seem to stomach their disgust and make sure they voice their displeasure at any opportunity.

One Celebrity Nigerian cameroonian singer Dencia took to social media in an apparent rage to condemn their Union.(she's a little late, they've been married for almost 10 years now).
Celebrity singer Dencia
Controversial singer Dencia condemned Bridgette 
The controversial singer who is currently dating World's most expensive footballer Manchester United Paul Pogba, has called it molestation and wrote about how Macron was a victim that Bridgette manipulated.

The 39-year-old former banker, Emmanuel Macron who is now set to become France youngest president, married his 64-year-old former teacher, Briggitte Trogneux almost 10 years ago. Although they have no biological children together, Macron is the stepfather to her 3 adult children and step-grandfather to her 7 grandchildren. Amazing!

In a love story that would have had her arrested had she been American, they first met when Macron was 15 and a student of Jesuit college in Amiens, northern France. Macron was Brigitte's student in school but at 17, he was already professing love for her even though she was 25 years older than him, and vowed to marry her when he came of age. Brigitte was then married and had three kids, one of whom was older than Macron. He persisted even after his own parents barred him from seeing her and eventually fulfilled his wish and married her when he was 30 and she was 55.

The incredible story continues as they are now the new first family of France, to the joy of many and to the dismay of others.

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