Scott Disick wild lifestyle causes Kourtney Kardashian to stop him seeing kids

- 5/29/2017
Kourtney Kardashian is fed up. Her fun loving ex seems to be on a mad dating spree that has seen him with at least 5 different women in less than a week.The 34 year old Scott Disick has friends worried after he reverted to type and embarked on wild partying and boozing after a short and futile attempt at cleaning up his act. And now his ex does not think he's in any fit state to be around their kids. She's stopped him from seeing all three of their kids until he cleans up his act.
Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian kids
Enough is enough.The wild father-of-three was spotted at the Cannes festival dating one young woman to another and partying irresponsibly. But Kourtney isn’t taking it anymore.

In a show of firmness. The oldest Kardashian sibling has vowed to ensure Disick doesn’t come anywhere near their kids until he gets sober.
She has always expressed her desire for him to have a close relationship with their kids, but his abuse of alcohol and crazy lifestyle has discouraged her from letting him come near them. 
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