Sexy Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon hamster wheel on Tonight Show

- 5/11/2017
This is Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon in a hamster wheel that blows your mind! Halle is one of the hottest women in the world. She is actually an ever green hottie!
Always looking stunning and sexy in whatever she wears(or doesn't wear). That is why a lot of people are calling Jimmy Fallon one lucky guy with probably the best job in the world. 
Sexy Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon hamster wheel
I mean If there’s anyone who can peek under Halle Berry’s dress on national television and get away with it, it has to be Fallon. All the funny guy had to do is make out a reason to do it and this is as good as any.  Hamsters gave Jimmy the Idea, and he pulled it off perfectly. The super fit and ever young Berry and funny man Fallon treated us to an amazing(athletic)display that got tongues wagging. 

Remember a few years back, when the Pianist actor Adrien Brody French kissed Halle at the Oscars, how surprised she was? That was nothing compared to this. The sexy Bond girl was not surprised by the public display,but was a hearty participant.
Halle Berry and Jimmy Fallon hamster wheel on tonight Show

Truth be told, as Jimmy and Halle form a human hamster wheel and roll through the Tonight Show studio, it was almost beautiful and cringe worthy to watch. 

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