Singer Katy Perry slammed for Obama racist comments

- 5/01/2017
Katy Perry is in a strange kind of hot water. But does she really deserve it?  Let's find out. Celebrities are constantly hounded for whatever they say and do, good or bad—right or wrong.The 'Roar' singer was always a staunch supporter of former President Barack Obama, but now faces a racial insensitivity scandal towards the much loved former commander in chief. After making a bizzare  joke on social media, Katy Perry's Obama racist comments were slammed by fans.
Katy Perry and obama
Katy Perry was a strong Obama supporter
It all started when the popular singer who recently dyed her dark hair blonde, responded to one of her follower in a video: “Oh, someone says, ‘I miss your old black hair.’ Oh, really? Do you miss Barack Obama as well? Oh, OK. Times change, bye. See you guys later.”

That's it?! Incredible. 

Perry, who looked like she was in a car with some friends, then laughed and said, “I should leave now”– and sipped what looked like a green tea drink from a straw.
Pretty simple and inoffensive comments from my point of view but Now the staunchly liberal star is being bashed for being insensitive and racist.

In response to the star's comments, Alex M. Leo, former VP of audience development at The Daily Beast, addressed Perry, saying, “Yes we do miss Barack Obama and if you’re comparing your new hair to [Donald] Trump being in office then…”
Singer Katy Perry Barack Obama racist comments
Katy Perry is under fire for comparing her hair color to Obama 
Backlash that she couldn't have anticipated. Otherwise she would have kept her mouth shut. As The Fader reported, some Twitter users, including DJ Scream, are not happy with the pop star, calling Perry a “#Loser” among other things.

A Twitter user named “messy Elliot” wrote, “I think she shouldn’t have mentioned Obama because it makes it seem like she linking BLACK hair to Barack cuz he black.”

With the viral social media world, it doesn'ttake much to put a foot wrong—something most celebrities can't come to terms with.

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